systemsettings and KCModule loadable as root

Lukas Appelhans l.appelhans at
Fri Sep 19 11:37:01 BST 2008

Am Freitag 19 September 2008 12:28:54 schrieb Alessandro Diaferia:
> Hello core-devs
> I was hacking a bit on systemsettings to see what's needed to restore the
> admin. button. While i was able to re-enable the root-only property
> checking i can't figure out how to load a module as root. Is this a lack in
> the API or is it my fault?
> Somebody told me about a policy kit. I'd like to know more about this and
> how to load a module as root.
> Regards
Dario has worked on that stuff a bit in the past, but did not finish it 

Let's cc him ;)


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