Decoding content-disposition-filename HTTP header

Nick Shaforostoff shaforostoff at
Thu Sep 18 15:22:30 BST 2008

2008/9/18 Tom Albers <tomalbers at>:
> Op maandag 15 september 2008 22:05 schreef u:
>> This isn't exactly trivial code and if a bug is found in one place then
>> you don't really want to go look for the other 5 places to fix the same
>> bug also in those places. So please add the code to KCodecs. And while
>> you are at it, please also add a few unit tests for the functions.
> Nick,
> Can you respond?
i've added the function to kcodecs and untit tests are following.
libkmime still has it's own implementation, and other non-kdepimlibs
users will be changed to use kcodecs

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