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Diego Iastrubni elcuco at
Fri Sep 12 23:44:10 BST 2008

I am attaching here a screen shot of the new file dialog for RTL environments, 
and I would like to modify something:

The back and forward buttons are on the right side of the dialog, but most of 
the time the user will have the mouse cursor on the left of the dialog since 
it's the flow direction of the file/directory widget (I forced it to be LTR a 
few weeks). I would like the back/forward/up toolbar move to the left of the 
dialog, just like in LTR desktops.

Can anyone comment on this ideal? If you do merge those two toolbars, can you 
test the dialog in RTL mode? (or ping me to test it?)

On Friday 12 September 2008 11:47:09 Alexander Dymo wrote:
> I've updated kdelibs today and saw that we've changed layout in the dialog.
> I see that toolbar is now aligned with filewidget contents which makes
> sense. But I also see that we now have two toolbars - one with buttons and
> another one with breadcrumbs widget. The upper toolbar is almost empty in
> the middle and breadcrumbs widget just wastes precious vertical space. This
> does mean that there's much less space left for the useful information
> (like the list of files). Why don't we put the breadcrumbs back to the
> toolbar?
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