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Mon Sep 15 14:30:32 BST 2008

On Monday 15 September 2008, Sebastian TrĂ¼g wrote:
> KIO Slave! I have presented this so often. :)

aren't these also in playground? i can't really put a visible feature in the 
file dialog and then say, "oh, well.. yeah, it doesn't really work unless you 
install these bits of code from playground." ;)

so .. if we want to use ioslaves, those need to be moved over.

my concern with this approach would be whether or not we'd get enough 
information back from the slave; if we just want to show a file listing, fine. 
if we ever want to show something a bit nicer (e.g. why it matched perhaps?) 
then i'm not sure if the ioslave is up to that? of course, we can always start 
with ioslaves and move up from there.

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