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Mon Sep 15 07:36:56 BST 2008

Ingo Klöcker wrote:
>Unfortunately, this idea doesn't work because of
>  T QList<T>::value( int i ) const
>i.e. QList<QAction *>::value( int i ) does not return a const QAction *,
>but a QAction *. All other const methods of QList<T> return a const T
>&, though.

Just in case someone is wondering:

QList<T>::value() returns a copy of the element, whereas 
QList<T>::operator[]() returns a reference to the item. And copies don't 
have to be const.

Now, even more, please note that the function:

	const T &QList<T>::operator[](int i) const

when expanding with T = QAction*, expands to:

	QAction * const &QList<QAction *>::operator[](int i) const

Note the position of the const: it's 'QAction * const', not 'const QAction 
*' like Ingo and Michael are thinking.

You really want QList<const QAction *>.

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