KTabBar - suggestion for 4.1

Mantia Andras amantia at kde.org
Fri Sep 12 16:45:52 BST 2008

On Monday 14 April 2008, Andras Mantia wrote:
>  But I think it will not be
> that easy to make it work correctly and with all the styles. So be
> sure to test not only with Oxygen, but with the other styles as well
> AND with a reversed (RTL) interface.

 Ok, this was a really old thread, but I had to reopen, as it looks my 
request, well, was not taken into account. I usually use Oxygen, but 
switched to Plastique to test something, and then it is clear that the 
close button is problematic. Just open some tabs in Konqueror, 
about:blank is ok. There is a space between the favicon and the text and 
the text overlaps the close icon/button. Other styles are marginally 
better, at least there is no overlap. All in all, the visual experience 
is quite bad.


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