Helping translators by putting widget's text into clipboard

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Wed Sep 10 22:59:04 BST 2008

A Dimecres 10 Setembre 2008, Nick Shaforostoff va escriure:
> I'd like to reimplement QApplication::x11EventFilter in KApplication
> to detect some special action (e.g. middle mouse button double
> clicking), then, if the widget under the mouse (via qwidget::find())
> is qlabel, qmenu, qbutton, qcheckbox etc, put it's text into clipboard
> and (optionaly) run some qprocess (defined in hidden config property -
> for example run lokalize and try to find this message).
> This hack will only be enabled when e.g. --clicktocopy option is specified.
> of course this won't work for special cases like %1 substituions, but
> still i believe this would ease translator's life a lot - bacause this
> way he/she knows the context of the message so can translate it better
> (higher quality)
> ok for me to proceed?

Seems quite a big and ugly hack to have in KApplication imho.

It's that difficult to read and write that our translators need this? 
Have you had any input asking for this? 
I've not seen anything in kde-i18n-doc but i'm a bit slow lately :-/


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