Moving PowerDevil to kdereview

Dario Freddi drf54321 at
Wed Sep 10 20:13:43 BST 2008

> On Saturday 06 September 2008 19:37:14 Kevin Ottens wrote:
> > Just a quick reply before I disappear again off the intertubes... I'm not
> > even supposed to have DSL right now, miracles happen sometimes. :-)
> I'm even later to the party than Kevin is, but still ..
> > Le Wednesday 03 September 2008, Sebastian K?gler a ?crit :
> > > On Friday 29 August 2008 19:45:42 Dario Freddi wrote:
> > > > I am writing this mail to inform you I have moved PowerDevil from
> > > > playground/utils to kdereview. PowerDevil is a Power Management
> > > > system for KDE4.
> > > >
> > > > PowerDevil's aim is to be lightweight, feature-full, configurable,
> > > > based on Solid only and fully integrated with the Desktop
> > > > Environment. It is splitted into various components, a KDED module, a
> > > > KCModule, a KRunner, a Plasma Engine and a Plasma Applet.
> Sounds very nice. Does it really have no dependencies outside Solid? How
> does it initiate suspend when the battery is low (I'm really not sure what
> Solid's capabilities are)?

Everything involving suspension is managed by solid. Locking screen is handled 
by DBus, through freedesktop.Screensaver interface. The only additional 
dependency is X, that can be easily removed.

> I've taken a brief look at it now, at least there's no direct use of /proc;
> there is the string "ondemand" which doesn't look quite right ("on demand"
> or "on-demand" come to mind) in the user interface, but that's headed
> towards quibbles; it compiles with non-GCC (yay!). I will need a little
> more time to massage it to build right on Solaris, simply because I'm not
> used to cherry- picking bits out of kdereview for compilation so there's no
> handy scripts (yet) to help out.

I have no experience in compiling in non-linux environments, so I really can't 
help here...

> > > That's actually the design we (Kevin, Jonathan, ...) had talked about
> > > at Akademy 2007 in Glasgow. Thanks for implementing it. I think the
> > > overall design is really sane that way. :)
> >
> > Now I need more time to take a look at it, it's definitely on my list to
> > review when I'll be back... It'll be after the legal 2 weeks period, but
> > from the discussions in this thread it probably has no major issue.
> >
> > Also I'm wondering "why kdeutils?", at least some bits of it could/should
> > go in kdebase/runtime or kdebase/workspace IMO. I'll have to take a
> > closer look at it to make up my mind there.
> One thing is that stuff in base needs to make a commitment to 	supporting
> all of the platforms for KDE where it makes sense (e.g. PowerDevil doesn't
> need to support Windows or Mac, but it does need to do FreeBSD and
> Solaris).

True indeed

> I realise this isn't something one developer can do -- I wouldn't
> expect anyone to run all of the different platforms, let alone exercise
> them all in useful ways -- but it's something to keep in mind. So I'd ask
> you in general terms whether you think you've got the abstractions and
> plug-in mechanisms in place to work with the different UNIX/POSIX platforms
> we're interested in.

Providing Solid and KDELibs run fine on them, I'd say there is no reason why 
powerdevil should not work there.

> It will probably take a few weeks before I've had time
> to both build and try out PowerDevil on FreeBSD and Solaris (part of that
> is just getting the damn stuff to install on my ThinkPad -- it's been ages
> since I did a FreeBSD install). I don't think the review should wait on
> that, but I hope you'll be open even to fairly fundamental design questions
> if that's needed to support everything.

Of course, I'm always ready to put things back into discussion, especially for 
these kind of matters :) though in the current design I've already taken care 
of removing anything non Solid/KDELibs based from core components.

> I doubt anything fundamental will
> come up, just based on a quick scan of the code, but still...
> In the medium term I'd like to work on providing build access to developers
> in a useful way so that you can try out your code on various platforms
> (including FreeBSD, Solaris and Windows Vista) as an extra check before
> moving it around.

Agreed. I'd like to wait for Kevin too before moving, so I'll just push the 
move one week later I think :)

> [ade]

Cheers and keep me informed on the other platforms

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