Change release schedule 4.2 and schedule for 4.3

Cornelius Schumacher schumacher at
Tue Sep 9 10:42:07 BST 2008

On Tuesday 09 September 2008 01:49:53 Riccardo Iaconelli wrote:
> On Monday 08 September 2008 22:09:41 Tom Albers wrote:
> > So switching to git does not have any effect to the release planning in
> > my opinion. But your mail exactly address my concerns with the always
> > summer in trunk. People will hack on features and are not easily
> > persuaded to recompile all of kde to test the stable branch or do
> > bugfixing. This 'problem' is nowhere near properly addressed in my
> > opinion, but we lack a good mailinglist to do that on ;-)
> Isn't scm-interest or here enough?

Of course the release process is somehow related to the version control system 
we use, but the questions how and when we release, how we stabilize our code 
and how we find the right balance between feature development and stability 
is not a technical one and should not be answered from the perspective of 
technical details of the version control system discussion.

I would think the release-team mailing list would be the best place to discuss 
these issues.

> Anyways, as someone asked (maybe you?) 
> during sebas' presentation, not everyone does bugfixing even now, it
> depends on several factors, on each one's sense of responsability, and on
> each one's schedule. And we are just blocking potential contributions.

This seems to be a bit shortsighted. We can't take contributions for the prize 
of not being able to stabilize the code for a release anymore. So what might 
be perceived as blocking might be the most important measure to actually do a 
release of our code.

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