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On Saturday 06 September 2008, David Jarvie wrote:
> KSystemTimeZones encapsulates all the time zones defined in the system time
> zone database. If UTC isn't in the database, it will not appear in
> KSystemTimeZones. Because UTC is the basic time zone to which all other
> time zones refer in their definitions, it isn't necessary for the system
> time zone database to include it - it always exists regardless, which is
> why KTimeZone::utc() is able to create a version of it.
> If it is convenient in an application to add it to the time zone collection
> returned by KSystemTimeZones::zones(), then by all means do so, although
> your code isn't correct (the return type is 'const KTimeZones::ZoneMap').


> To remove a UTC time zone from a collection, it is always safest to find it
> by name "UTC" - there is no guarantee that different collections contain
> the same UTC instance. See the KTimeZone::utc() apidox.

great, so now that we've talked about all the interesting details that one can 
trip up over while simply trying to show UTC to the user in a config dialog ...

... does it now make sense to you that KTimeZoneWidget provides an option to 
show UTC so that we can encapsulate all these details and make it fool proof?

e.g. KTimeZoneWidget::showUTC(bool show).

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