Moving PowerDevil to kdereview

Dario Freddi drf54321 at
Thu Sep 4 21:31:53 BST 2008

Il giovedì 04 settembre 2008 22:05:44 kde-core-devel-request at ha 
> This code looks like the PowerDevil demon acts itself as events handler:
> --- 8< ----
> --- 8< ----

True, can't be otherwise :) Though, maybe we need to ask solid people how 
solid behaves in this situation, since the notifier could get disabled in this 
situation... better ask them an opinion before stepping forward.

> Should be solved, than. Perhaps by having such a demon on the systembus (if
> possible), implementing a (to be written) freedesktop spec. Have you looked
> at powersaved and similar? Oh wait, I have powersave running here, and
> there are already two interfaces on the systembus,
> "org.freedesktop.Policy.Power" and "com.novell.powersave".

Yeah, the problem already exists, and we already thought to make the daemon a 
freedesktop interface, this will come in the next days. But again, the main 
problem in this situation is that we can make it a freedesktop standard, but 
everyone has to comply with it.

> Maybe you ask Danny Kukawka, the author of (K)PowerSave, what to do best.
> And what he is working on in this area, if there is a spec evolving.

I will for sure

> > I don't have any ideas for
> > this, but I think it's the quirk about all power managers. The good point
> > is that very rarely on laptops we have multiple users logged in at the
> > same time, so this shouldn't be a huge issue.
> I fear it is more huge than you wish. Many new home computers are laptops
> nower days (cool and movable). You also would like to manage power on a
> non-laptop computer. And a lot are used as multiuser machines. That is the
> power of Unix, let's not bury it.

This is true too.

> This is not about GUI input, like selecting "Shutdown" from the applet, but
> the demon reacting to events from the system (here: the lid is closed).
> So imagine two users logged in, Sue and Bo. Bo was surfing before, has the
> (her) demon configured to  suspendToDisk() on lidclose. Sue configured the
> (her) demon to lockScreen() on lidclose, because she is going to compile
> something. Sue kicks off the compile and closes the lid -> Sue's demon
> locks the screen, but Bo's demon suspends -> Sue will be happy... not.

Again, I think this case scenario have to be discussed with solid devs. I 
really do not know how solid or hal behave in these situations, I think 
talking to solid devs before taking any other action should be the way to go.


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