[PATCH] A KJob jobtracker that uses kuiserver, or falls back to dialogs.

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Thu Sep 4 10:19:14 BST 2008


> I'm using this patch right now, and everything seems to work just fine.
> Please tell me what you think about it.

Why a new tracker ? I think your plasmoid (extender) should be listening for 
org.kde.JobViewServer. The KUiServerJobTracker would be more than enough for 

I think is responsability of your plasmoid (as well as my application, 
kuiserver) to check if there is a service running, and don't do anything like 
stealing the "starring" of the previous app, or at least ask the user.

I meant that this was going to be "obsolete" in the sense that I have plans 
for all this stuff, but not too much time, and from my point of view bugfixes 
have more priority than cool features, for that reason I didn't find the time 

However my plans for the kuiserver are something like creating a new KCM that 
will be on SystemSettings and that will let the user select which tracker he 
wants for his system. All that in a way that a user can understand it without 

Then, KGlobal::getJobTracker() would be more intelligent, and would read the 
config file written by SystemSettings and return the correct tracker depending 
on what the user did choose.

If we are getting this BIG new feature, we at least should let the user select 
again "hey, I want separate windows", or we can run into problems.

Rafael Fernández López.
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