[REVIEW] Nepomuk query service to be moved to kdebase

Sebastian Trüg strueg at mandriva.com
Wed Sep 3 18:52:51 BST 2008

On Wednesday 03 September 2008 19:43:57 Sebastian Trüg wrote:
> The resulting problem is with metatypeid. The service interface needs a
> metatype id for Query but qdbusxml2cpp does not create that automatically.
> On the other hand, adding it to query.h gets me into real trouble (looks
> like using Q_DECLARE_METATYPE in a header is not a good idea at all. Only
> idea I had just now would be an include file that only contains the
> Q_DECLARE_METATYPE and add that as an INCLUDE property, too...):

ha! It worked. My little trick worked. Now the interfaces are 
autogenerated. :)
Sometimes explaining the problem is the best help.


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