[REVIEW] Nepomuk query service to be moved to kdebase

Sebastian TrĂ¼g strueg at mandriva.com
Wed Sep 3 09:44:41 BST 2008

I just moved the Nepomuk query service to kdereview.

What does it do?
It provides consistent query folders via a DBus interface. It is used by the 
Nepomuk search KIO slave, the Nepomuk krunner, and the simple query client. 
It is also intended to be used by Akonadi, as well as all applications that 
want to query something.
Once this is moved to kdebase, I will move the kio slave, too.

The service consists of three parts:
1. subdir "service":
   The actual Nepomuk service to be moved to 

2. subdir "client":
   The query client which provides a class to access the query service without
   fiddling with DBus. To be moved to kdebase/workspace/nepomuk/queryclient

3. subdir "lib":
   The nepomuk query library which provides shared classes used by service and
   To be moved to kdebase/workspace/libs/nepomukquery

Open questions:
* This would make runtime depend on workspace since the service uses the lib.
  Is that possible at all?
* What about the interfaces? They are used by the service and should be used
  by the client, too (once set_source_files_properties works for dbus 
  interfaces in cmake)

Please review and comment.


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