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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Tue Sep 2 01:20:35 BST 2008

On Friday 29 August 2008, Dario Freddi wrote:
> The KRunner is also stable and functional.

the runner will run into problems if anyone decides to create another runner 
that also has change-scheme as a keyword. what i'd instead suggest is a simple 
language that goes something like:

<aspect> <noun> <verb>


power scheme home
screen brightness 90

internally, it won't be a lot different from what your runner is already doing, 
but the language will seem a lot more natural. you can also translate those 
strings, of course.

> the Plasma Engine

this really ought to be merged with the Power Management DataEngine that is 
already in kdebase; that one also provides charge and AC power status, but 
also things like supported sleep states.

this means it's lacking PowerDevil's DataEngine profile management feature, but 
that would be a perfect compliment to the existing PM DataEngine.

> The code has no Krazy issues, compiles with no warnings and it's fully
> i18n'ed. I'd like to move it to kdeutils trunk, if approved. It still needs

i'm not sure it belongs in kdeutils. i certainly don't want the battery widget 
to depend on having kdeutils installed; the current one is in 
kdebase/workspace. this really feels a lot more like workspace stuff to me.

> an usability review, a native english speaker's review of strings, and some
> help on the Plasma applet.

what problems did you run into? it seems nothing is really being done with the 
PowerDevil data source (m_availableProfiles and m_currentProfile)?

looking at the applet, it really looks like we should just patch the existing 
battery applet in kdebase ... probably makes a lot more sense. it also means 
that even if PowerDevil is put into kdeutils, everything will be fine, the 
applet will just miss some features. (i'd still like to see this in workspace, 

also, in Plasma we try and keep "brand names" away from the user in the user 
interface if there are plain language terms for things. so instead of showing 
things like "Configure PowerDevil" (to which many users will ask, "what's 
that?") it should probably say something like "Configure Power Management"

i'll leave it up to others who know more about powermanagement bits than i do 
whether the PowerDevil daemon is suitable for moving into mainline KDE, but if 
it is, i'd really like to see the PowerDevil Plasma related features follow 
the above suggestions. i'm willing to help out with that, of course, and the 
good news is that aside from the runner the other components won't be 
PowerDevil specific and you'll have others to help you maintain them over time 
due to that =)

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