Suggested criteria for reviewers on techbase

Adriaan de Groot groot at
Thu Oct 30 19:00:58 GMT 2008

On Thursday 30 October 2008 19:37:34 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> * The application compiles and runs on Windows, Mac, BSD, Solaris.
> What about Linux? Also there's no way i can satisfy that, as i only have a
> linux build environtment, i'd relax that sentence

I've always assumed that the Linux folk were numerous enough and able to take 
care of themselves and would assure it did compile there.

I'd want to relax this requirement as well. Heck, you guys don't need my ZFS 
manipulation tools (but OSX, FBSD and Solaris do) nor my WindowsMedia 
integration for KDE so it's not even true that a bit of KDE code must compile 
on Linux.

The point of the sentence should be that code that is not operating-system 
specific should work on all our platforms, and the application maintainer 
should put reasonable effort into making it work on all of them; that includes 
contacting the FBSD, Solaris, Mac and Windows people. It'd all be more 
wonderful and easy if the OpenSuSE build service built all of those things, 
but until then we're stuck with the different sub-projects.


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