[REVIEW] Moved partitionmanager to kdereview

Marcel Partap mpartap at gmx.net
Thu Oct 30 02:01:40 GMT 2008

> I just moved partitionmanager from playground/sysadmin to kdereview and its docs to kdereview/docs.
> KDE Partition Manager allows the user to create, move, copy, resize, delete, back up or restore partitions and file systems. It's making use of libparted currently and will therefore only work on Linux systems.
wow, just judging by the screenshots this is so awesome. I was long
pondering why the heck noone would pick up on qtparted development..
finally there is a fancy partitioning frontend for linux, woohoo!
> There are user docs, api docs, no issues in krazy2 and the first couple of translations have already been committed.
Congratulations and i'll definitly be reviewing this in the next few days
when shuffling my system partitions a bit.

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