[REVIEW] Moved kephal to kdereview

Aike J Sommer dev at aikesommer.name
Fri Oct 24 14:31:34 BST 2008

Hello!! :-)

I have just moved kephal into kdereview.

Kephal will allow better support for multihead setups. It can be used to 
obtain the correct geometry of the individual work-areas, but also to query 
the actual connected devices and configure them.
It currently has direct support for XRandR 1.2 and a fallback to 
QDesktopWidget. More backends can be easily added if actually needed. The API 
consists of a DBus interface which is wrapped by a lib, which will also fall 
back to using QDesktopWidget if the backend is not available. The backend 
itself is a kded-module, but there is also a standalone version available for 
easier testing.
The configurations are stored for each set of connected devices, so going back 
and forth between different setups means less configuration work.
It also has an "external"-configuration (which is default currently), which 
will not mess with the layout of the screens, so that existing setups are not 
messed up.

This should immediatly solve a few problems that especially plasma faces when 
dealing with changes of screen-layouts. QDesktopWidget fails to work in some 
situations which often leads to an unusable desktop-shell.
In the long run, this will make it easy to configure a setup and also allow 
the connected monitors to be used as an information-source for "context", such 
as "i'm at work right now" or "i'm about to give a presentation", to 
automatically switch things like plasma activities or powersave-schemes.

Patches to plasma to replace all usages of QDesktopWidget are available.

Well, hope to get some good feedback!

Aike J Sommer

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