Natural language processing tech for the desktop!

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Tue Oct 21 20:34:32 BST 2008

On Tuesday 21 October 2008, Jordi Polo wrote:
> I __might__ be able to choose a project to work one year (I mean one year,
> every day, several hours/day). The project must be something related to NLP
> (Natural Language Processing). I love KDE and did some kde programming
> before (still some todo item in the kde 4.2 feature list...cough cough ).
> I am pretty sure that something can take advantage of language processing
> on the whole KDE desktop. I just need to convince my teacher that working
> on that can be called research.

Hi Jordi,

That sounds like a wonderful opportunity.

Please drop in on kde-research (there's a mailing list, kde-research at 
and an irc channel #kde-research) to talk about this. There's a small group 
of researchers (Celeste, Paul, Kevin, Josef, myself -- and others I can't 
think of quite off the top of my head) covering SOA, HIG, CMM and lots of 
other topics. KDE-Research is more a place to try to coordinate research 
action when it makes sense than a real work-out ground, but we'd love to have 
you over there.

It *might* make it easier on your teacher to know you'll be working with 
researchers from other universities on this topic; that kind of collaboration 
can help push a project -- as well as help out in publication efforts. That 
is, after all, what a researcher lives for.

There's some strong NLP work done in Nijmegen related to NL queries and 
search, as well as a little automatic translation IIRC. Those might be good 
people to talk to as well.


These are your friends - Adem
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