[ANNOUNCE] Requiring CMake 2.6.2 November 10th

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Mon Oct 20 00:17:58 BST 2008


starting November 10th (i.e. in three weeks) CMake 2.6.2 will be required for 
KDE trunk, which will become 4.2.
with 2.6.2 for a long time (e.g. for KDE 4.2 and 4.3).
This is necessary to be able to support the reduced library link interface the 
distros want to have, and of course 2.6.2 comes with some other nice things 
(bug fixes here and there, if(VERSION_GREATER/LESS), more modules so we can 
get rid of some of ours, fixes for 64bit builds, and more).

We switched to 2.6.0 not too long ago, but as was almost to be expected with a 
major release, there were a few things which still had to be ironed out, so 
unfortunately we have to update already again. I hope we'll be able to stay 
2.6.2 is still quite new, so it's not yet in all distros. Do what you can to 
help getting it into the distros.

In case there are no distro packages for cmake 2.6.2 for your system yet, you 
can download source- or binary packages from here:
The generic Linux binary packages indeed do work on all Linux systems I tested 
so far (Slackware, kUbuntu, SUSE), so you can just download the tar.gz, 
unpack to some place you'd like and call cmake directly from there. It will 
Instructions for getting the source from cvs are also on that page.


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