Wrong usage of QList::ConstIterator & QList::begin() ?

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at gmx.de
Sat Oct 18 10:45:06 BST 2008


While trying to fix some bugs in KFile* on windows I saw some places 
like this:

for ( QStringList::ConstIterator it = m_dirList.begin();
       it != m_dirList.end() && !terminationRequested();
       ++it )

Imo the programmer here expects that m_dirList.detach() isn't called but 
this is wrong.

m_dirList.begin() does a detach, returns a non-const iterator and then 
the iterator is converted to a const iterator (see qlist.h:214 & 238).

Therefore I suggest to add QT_STRICT_ITERATORS to the kdelibs flags. Or 
does this maybe break BC?


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