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On Friday 17 October 2008, Lukas Appelhans wrote:
> Am Freitag 17 Oktober 2008 17:18:44 schrieb Aaron J. Seigo:
> > On Thursday 16 October 2008, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> > > I'm worried by how it could hurt playground/sysadmin/shaman afair it's
> > > a similar tool to kpackagekit and choosing one over the other as
> > > default "might" hurt the community.
> >
> > 	* shaman could well become the replacement for kpackage, but needs more
> > backends; it didn't work on the opensuse laptop i'm writing this on, for
> > instance, and all i got on it was a dialog saying "Pick a backend:" with
> > no options listed and a blank mainwindow
> You need to run "kbuildsycoca4" since everything is Plugin-based and indeed
> it does not work on OpenSuse yet :( We are both working on an Alpm
> (Archlinux)- Plugin and on a Package-Plugin now :)

when i built it originally, i didn't have the necessary package kit stuff on 
disk. i now do and i do get the packagekit plugin.

so .. some input/thoughts/ideas:

* when there is only one backend available, don't pester the user to choose 
it. just choose it. it's odd to say "hey, pick one of the following things i 
can do" and then only given one option ;) the computer is not *that* dumb, 
right? ;)

* both shaman and kpackagekit offer a search line with some pull down menus to 
limit the search and a text edit. it would be very smart if the ordering of 
items in those search lines was standardized between the two apps. obviously 
there will be different contents, but looking at them together they don't look 
at all like they come from the same project (KDE) but like two completely 
independent efforts. which, of course, they are. =) but we can make them look 
like they actually belong to the same universe, and a really simple way is to 
work on consistency in very visible things like the search bar

* the packagekit backend seems to connect/disconnect to the system bus too 
often and engages in blocking calls which shouldn't be blocking but use the 
callback DBUS mechanisms. probably just the youthful state of this plugin, i 
guess .. right now it makes shaman's UI fail on my system (timeouts and 

* as with kpackagekit, could use with some UI cleanups and what not

generally, though, i like where this app is heading! nice work, guys ... 
looking forward to seeing it continue on to greatness

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