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Albert Astals Cid a écrit :
> A Dijous 16 Octubre 2008, vàreu escriure:
>> Hi,
>> I've just commited KPackageKit to kde/playground,
>> and Aaron Seigo told me that the soft feature freeze is
>> today, and if i don't get in KPackagekit would be out of
>> kde 4.2, well i'd like to know what do i have to do
>> to get it in.
>> KPackageKit is already quite stable, has just a few
>> minor bugs, and it lacks only a few features from the
>> gnome one, but these features can be easily created till
>> 16th nov the hard feature freeze. (it's only a few
>> new methods of installing mime types and codecs..)
>> Also i have the idea of a little "hack" into kickoff
>> to permit an option to right click on items and
>> "Uninstall" it.
>> So should i ask for moving it to kde review?
>> as i said the program already works, has one known
>> bug that only needs an event loop to fix it, and
>> those two features..
> I'm worried by how it could hurt playground/sysadmin/shaman afair it's a 
> similar tool to kpackagekit and choosing one over the other as 
> default "might" hurt the community.
> Albert
Hi Albert
I don't know shaman very well, but I think they address different needs 
: PackageKit is a completely working piece of software, used by many 
distributions. KPackageKit allows KDE user to avoid using the gnome 
interface, and keep the same tool (ie. less work for the distro 
maintainers). I don't think it's real competition to shaman, and even if 
it was, competition can be a good thing for both projects. Vim doesn't 
hurt emacs, and Firefox doesn't hurt Konqueror...


>> Comments,
>> Daniel.
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