[PATCH] Fixing KWidgetItemDelegate::focusedIndex()

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at free.fr
Fri Oct 17 07:30:30 BST 2008

Rafael Fernández López wrote:
> Hi,
>> Attached patches use an alternative approach: instead of tracking
>> the focused index, I just let KWidgetItemDelegate::focusedIndex()
>> figure out which one is focused when it's called. It's much simpler and
>> seems to work well. Is it ok for you?
> Yes, it seems fine. I wonder why I let the switch() survive on the 
> "this-switch-is-no-longer-useful" patch...

Not your mistake: The only other case: of the switch() was removed by my 
first patch. I decided to do the clean in a separate patch to make the 
first one easier to review.

> Please commit.

OK. Will do.


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