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hmm i'm not really sure i understood your question,
but if you're asking which are the dependencies
and where to get packagekit-qt the answer is bellow:

qpackagekit will be available through the
main packagekit site (, Richard
the main developer decided to put the lib together with
the glib one so he can also help to update it's status.
right now the stable tarball is available at:
the lib only requires polkitdbus, so we can call
the polkit authorization dialog that will use the
available (gnome for instance since the kde one is not
finished iirc) but the depency is not at gnome one
polkit is the one who decide which one to call,
if both of then are not available it uses consolekit.
almost forgot kpackagekit and qpackagekit (lib) does
not require packagekit itself as we talk only throught
dbus, but, if there is no packagekit installed kpackagekit
is useless :P


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On Thursday 16 October 2008, dantti85-dev at wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just commited KPackageKit to kde/playground,

what's the current recommended way to get the Qt4 packagekit bindings that 
KPackageKit requires?

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