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Thu Oct 16 16:09:16 BST 2008

I've just commited KPackageKit to kde/playground,
and Aaron Seigo told me that the soft feature freeze is
today, and if i don't get in KPackagekit would be out of
kde 4.2, well i'd like to know what do i have to do
to get it in.
KPackageKit is already quite stable, has just a few
minor bugs, and it lacks only a few features from the
gnome one, but these features can be easily created till
16th nov the hard feature freeze. (it's only a few
new methods of installing mime types and codecs..)

Also i have the idea of a little "hack" into kickoff
to permit an option to right click on items and
"Uninstall" it.

So should i ask for moving it to kde review?
as i said the program already works, has one known
bug that only needs an event loop to fix it, and 
those two features..


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