Session manager kcm - some options outdated?

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Wed Oct 15 13:11:11 BST 2008

On Wednesday 15 of October 2008, Dmitry Suzdalev wrote:
> Hi guys!
> Just noticed that session manager kcm has an option which is called
> "Restore manually saved session" (on login). Its "what's this" says that
> session can be saved in kmenu and it will be restored.
> But kickoff has no such functionality atm.

 It never has, the functionality is in ksmserver and nothing has changed there 
for KDE4 (one can still e.g. use D-Bus for it). Kickoff needs to get the menu 
entry for it.

> So this looks like 
> inconsistency. How do you think what should be done with this option? It
> should be wiped? Kickoff should support session saving? Other ideas?
> I also wonder if other options are still actual - such as "Default shutdown
> option". Currently Kickoff has separate entry in "Leave" tab for each
> "Logout", "Reboot", "Shutdown" action, so the user usually selects one of
> them.
> OTOH if i press Ctrl-Alt-Del (i guess this is the only use case for this
> option atm),
> I have "Turn Off Computer" selected inspite of having "End Current Session"
> as default shutdown option.
> This makes me wonder if this option is used at all...

 This is the same, the functionality is in ksmserver, but it seems Kickoff 
always explicitly selects which shutdown action should be done, so the 
default is never used. If this is not to be changed in Kickoff, then I think 
the groupbox in the kcm should be hidden.

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