Session manager kcm - some options outdated?

Robert Knight robertknight at
Wed Oct 15 12:24:10 BST 2008

To clarify my previous email: If the options don't work because the
code just doesn't exist at all then
remove them from the UI.

We can, if there is demand, revisit this after 4.2.


2008/10/15 Robert Knight <robertknight at>:
> Delete 'em.
> Regards,
> Robert.
> 2008/10/15 Dmitry Suzdalev <dimsuzkde at>:
>> Hi guys!
>> Just noticed that session manager kcm has an option which is called "Restore
>> manually saved session" (on login). Its "what's this" says that session can
>> be saved in kmenu and it will be restored.
>> But kickoff has no such functionality atm. So this looks like inconsistency.
>> How do you think what should be done with this option? It should be wiped?
>> Kickoff should support session saving? Other ideas?
>> I also wonder if other options are still actual - such as "Default shutdown
>> option".
>> Currently Kickoff has separate entry in "Leave" tab for each "Logout",
>> "Reboot", "Shutdown" action, so the user usually selects one of them.
>> OTOH if i press Ctrl-Alt-Del (i guess this is the only use case for this
>> option atm),
>> I have "Turn Off Computer" selected inspite of having "End Current Session"
>> as default shutdown option.
>> This makes me wonder if this option is used at all...
>> Thoughts?
>> Cheers,
>> Dmitry.

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