problems compiling kdelibs

Jason Stubbs jasonbstubbs at
Wed Oct 15 03:25:54 BST 2008

Andreas Hartmetz wrote:
> Am Dienstag 14 Oktober 2008 00:40:47 schrieb Alexander Neundorf:
>> On Monday 13 October 2008, Jason Stubbs wrote:
>>> (Moving to kde-core-devel as I think that's where this belongs)
>>> Jason Stubbs wrote:
>>>> Edwin Schepers wrote:
>>>>> /install/kde4/kdelibs/kio/kio/dummyanalyzers/dummyanalyzers.cpp:44:
>>>>> error: conflicting return type specified for ‘virtual char
>>>>> DummyEndAnalyzer::analyze(Strigi::AnalysisResult&,
>>>>> Strigi::InputStream*)’
>>>>> /opt/kde4/include/strigi/streamendanalyzer.h:37: error: overriding
>>>>> ‘virtual signed char
>>>>> Strigi::StreamEndAnalyzer::analyze(Strigi::AnalysisResult&,
>>>>> Strigi::InputStream*)’
>>>> I had a similar problem, found a work around and then forgot all about
>>>> it. Strigi is detected in two ways. First is via pkgconfig, the result
>>>> of which is only used for the version check. Second is some other
>>>> method (which I don't recall right now) which is then used for path
>>>> assignments. On my system, pkgconfig was finding the locally compiled
>>>> version whereas the second method was finding the distro-installed
>>>> binaries. I worked around it by setting all three vars below.
>>>> export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$KDEDIR/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH
>>>> export CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH=$KDEDIR/include
>> We require cmake 2.6.0 now, and this supports the environment variable
>> CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH, which will be used when searching for libs, header and
>> executables.
>> So instead of having to set CMAKE_(INCLUDE|LIBRARY)_PATH individually, it
>> is enough if you only set
>> lib/, include/ and bin/ will be appended appropriately.
> I discovered CMAKE_FRAMEWORK_PATH some weeks ago which also works nicely for 
> me. You probably know it too. Why do you recommend CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH? No 
> particular reason to ask, just wondering.

Digging through cmake files led me to those vars. With David Faure's 
recent changes, it's no longer necessary to set them at all though.

Jason Stubbs

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