Reorganising techbase around "Contributor Paths".

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Thu Oct 9 02:59:25 BST 2008

Twice so far I've written this message, and twice kontact has crashed in
response. Each time I rewrite it it gets cut in length by half and the gold
within is lost. I've forgotten a lot of what I wrote the first time. :(
Sorry if this one is blunt.

Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 October 2008, Stephen Kelly wrote:
> i love this concept, though really it's what
> is. so the question is: where does it belong?
> moving it to techbase makes sense for two particular reasons, imo: it's a
> wiki so it's easier for people to build up around and we have the
> Contribute/ area.
> so if we took and migrated it to Contribute/,
> and then forward to Contribute that could make
> sense.

Yes, that would be preferable. Currently getinvolved seems way out of date
and contains many dead links (kde-artists for example). Hopefully it's
something Sam Duff and co will discuss on Friday.

>> The /Schedules, /Projects, /Policies structure probably doesn't need to
>> change imo. /Developer/Tutorials could be moved to /Tutorials and kept as
>> an index of all tutorials.
> so that developers run into art, and artists run into developer tutorials?
> shouldn't we be separating the tutorials into target audiences?


> this is an interesting approach and one that would be useful. we should
> still keep the topical arrangement that we now as well, however, as it is
> a reference platform for developers, not just a way to get new devs in. of
> course, this "Dive In" structure could simple be a page of links into that
> same body of tutorials.

Yes, that's what I meant by 'an index of all tutorials.' above. Tutorials/
stays pretty much as is, and Paths/ pages link to the specific tutorials.

> at some point we also need to make the topical categorization page a bit
> more approachable without diminishing its reference value...
>> == Resources ==
>> Anyone want to expand on this or comment? To make such a reorganization
>> of techbase worthwhile would require buy-in from many different groups
> then you should be talking with kde-artists at, kde-promo at and
> recruiting active hands there.

They don't have much 'How to contribute' info on techbase, so there's
nothing to reorganize. I will be asking them to create it, but if I have a
framework for them to slot into that might help.

>> Additionally, if there are people willing to join it, it might be a good
>> idea to have a kde-new-contributors@ ml for people who need a kick in the
>> right direction or more interactive help, mentoring etc.
> hm.. and then they have to transition at some point? and who would be
> there to guide them? i think kde-devel at is a good starting point,
> we just need to let people KNOW that it is ...

Yes good point. We don't need another mailing list.

I'll see if I can put a start to this idea up next week.


-Trying to send one more time.

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