On generating apidox (was: new non-shipping module for examples)

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Fri Oct 3 10:41:46 BST 2008

On Friday 03 October 2008 02:11:52 Brad Hards wrote:
> QCA does this. The version of the API docs on http://api.kde.org ignores
> the Doxyfile that ships with QCA (why?), but you can see how it could work
> at http://www.frogmouth.net/qca/apidocs/html/index.html (which is a bit out
> of date as a reference source), or just build the API documentation
> yourself.

The apidox generation mechanism works on whole SVN modules, or, for 
kdesupport, on the sub-directories. There's one global script across all of 
KDE that generates a Doxyfile and uses that; you can fiddle around in 
Mainpage.dox to pass settings for Doxygen generation to the Doxyfile, but 
that's definitely under-documented. It depends a little on why you need a 
totally separate Doxyfile to begin with.


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