./configure -no-exceptions recommended in qt-copy

Fred Emmott mail at fredemmott.co.uk
Wed Oct 1 11:22:05 BST 2008


How much of an effect does this have on modern compilers?

I'd like to suggest removing it from the recommended configure line in 
README.qt-copy because:

- I don't believe the overhead will be significant

- It blocks the build of QtXmlPatterns (-no-exceptions -xmlpatterns makes 
configure complain, and -no-exceptions just doesn't build xmlpatterns). There's 
two problems with this:

- In my opinion, this should stop KDE applications from using QtXmlPatterns - 
they should be buildable with a Qt built following the recommendations in 
README.qt-copy; I don't think any do at the moment, but it is a very useful 

- If distributions (such as slackware and slamd64's current/testing does now) 
ships qt4 built following those recommendations, it stops non-KDE apps that 
use QtXmlPatterns being built with distribution Qt packages.


Fred Emmott

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