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Fri Oct 3 08:27:11 BST 2008

On Friday 03 October 2008, Michael Leupold wrote:
> On Friday 03 October 2008, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > > What do you think about the general itinerary I should take? Do you
> > > think adopting keyring is a "no-go" or a valid option once certain
> > > circumstances are met?
> >
> > which certain circumstances are you thinkg about?
> Pretty much the same you brought up:
> * quality
> * KDE interface
> * dependencies
> * integrates smoothly (GUI parts)
> * probably ask them to strip GNOME out of the name :)
> * possibility to provide binary compatibility with applications using the
> wallet interface (so we don't have to provide 2 daemons as long as KDE4 is
> around)
> * ...
> > > Personally I think having a common daemon should be the way to go. I
> > > wouldn't object to keyring and I'd even help working on it and getting
> > > it to where we need it.
> >
> > what dependencies does it bring other than glib when built from source?
> > what dependencies does it bring other than glib when installed from
> > binary packages on major distributions?
> According to it looks for:
> - glib (gthread, gobject, gio)

gio? hm. i wonder if that's for the UI bit or if it actually uses it for the 
daemon ... 

> - gtk for the gui part asking for the password (this is an askpass binary
> of its own)

obviously this could be replaced

> - gconf

this should be avoided; i wonder if it's required by the GUI or the daemon?

> - dbus
> - hal
> - pam (for a pam module auto-unlocking the wallet on login)
> - gcrypt
> - libtasn

these are fine

> Some of those dependencies are optional. I'm also not proposing to jump at
> it right away. I have some features I'd like implemented first (like being
> able to unlock the wallet with a smartcard or a fingerprint). I'm also not
> 100% sure if everything will work out fine. But trying to work it out will
> be more comforting if I know if anyone really wants the results.

/me nods...

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