Implementation of KToolInvocation::invokeFilemanager

Elias Probst mail at
Sun Nov 30 20:06:13 GMT 2008


today we were discussing how to invoke the default filemanager from Plasma's 
'Devices recently plugged in...' applet and as there's now the option to 
select the default filemanager in Systemsettings we thought this could be done 
using 'KToolInvocation::invokeFilemanager', but it seems this is still 
A bug facing nearly the same problem came to my mind:
[ #161384 Network/Add Network Folder doesn't add folders in Dolphin ]

As this could be really useful now and it looks it was anyways planned for KDE 
4.2 (see comment #3 at the bug above) I wanted to ask how's the state of this 

Could anyone implement this? Davide 'WindowsUninstall' Bettio is going to fix 
bug#161384 as soon as there's the necessary stuff in kdelibs.

Best regards,
Elias P.

Thanks a lot 

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