generic interfaces for multiple selection of various objects

Stefan Majewsky majewsky at
Sat Nov 29 20:23:58 GMT 2008

On Samstag 29 November 2008 12:02:14 Markus Elfring wrote:
> I guess that a couple of data management is involved to keep key
> elements like model indexes consistent.

At least for model/view-based applications (i.e. standard list views, tree 
views, etc.), the problem of long-time consistency is solved by 
QPersistentModelIndex which is used by the selection model internally.

> I wonder if the needed software infrastructure is already available why
> the K desktop environment 4 had got difficulties to support this technique.

Plasma is not using the Model/View framework provided by Qt as it is not 
applicable to this use case. (Well, it is, but it would make the 
implementation much more complicated for virtually no benefit). In these rare 
cases, bugs in the selection model will be solved in the application's 

At least personally, I don't think a generic framework for this is needed, as 
it will (to support Plasma and such) have to become too generic and then 
cannot help the application developers much. I'm no usability expert, however, 
so I cannot comment on if a set of common rules has to be included in the HIG.


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