KDE applications need kfmclient to open links, which is not shipped with kdebase/runtime

Armin Berres trigger at space-based.de
Fri Nov 28 11:29:53 GMT 2008

On Wed, 26 Nov 08 22:16, Diederik van der Boor wrote:
> Op Tuesday 25 November 2008 21:44:25 David Faure schreef:
> > > Another thing: Wouldn't it make sense to use the default broswer on the
> > > installed system (sensible-browser, x-www-browser or whatever) if no
> > > default browser is chosen in KDE? Encouraging people to use Konqueror is
> > > nice for sure, but the user does have to change his default browser in
> > > one less place then.
> >
> > No, this goes way too far. Someone trying KDE should at least be able to
> > enjoy the good integration with konqueror, before deciding if he/she wants
> > it or not. If KDE launches x-www-browser (*) by default (which is old
> > Mozilla here), we lose that (and basically this kills konqueror, given that
> > most people do not change defaults). A sensible default for KDE _is_
> > konqueror; people can switch to something else if they want.
> >
> >
> > (*) sensible-browser defaults to x-www-browser unless $BROWSER is set, so
> > this is old mozilla again here. Nice...
> I disagree here. People are running KDE applications outside of KDE, why 
> should we enforce them to use more of KDE?
> This is quite an ugly fix to deal with reality, and I would prefer to see 
> instead that KDE respects the preferred browser setting of the active desktop 
> (whether it's GNOME, Windows XP or MacOS).

This is what xdg-open is meant for. It will determine which desktop you
are currently running and start the respective browser.
I guess once we know for sure how to replace the kfmclient call,
xdg-open should be changed upstream and KDE simply should call it.
Problem solved then.

What David meant was, that he doesn't want KDE applications running in a
KDE session to start something else than Konqueror by default.


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