qt-copy printing broken?

John Layt johnlayt at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 25 22:53:30 GMT 2008


I'm running qt-copy and trunk using the scripts from techbase and I'm getting 
a crash on a QAssert in qprintdialog whenever I try to print (log snippet 
below).  Is anyone else seeing this, or is it just a problem with my system?




Thread 1 (Thread 0x7f1baf19d750 (LWP 19353)):
[KCrash Handler]
#4  0x00007f1bab264715 in raise () from /lib64/libc.so.6
#5  0x00007f1bab265d03 in abort () from /lib64/libc.so.6
#6  0x00007f1babf8a7fd in qt_message_output (msgType=QtFatalMsg, 
buf=0x7fffb71d9ce0 "ASSERT: \"index >= 0\" in file 
dialogs/qprintdialog_unix.cpp, line 731") at global/qglobal.cpp:2102
#7  0x00007f1babf8a90c in qFatal (msg=0x7f1bac0cf618 "ASSERT: \"%s\" in file 
%s, line %d") at global/qglobal.cpp:2303
#8  0x00007f1babf8ad19 in qt_assert (assertion=0x7f1bacb7a963 "index >= 0", 
file=0x7f1bacb7a945 "dialogs/qprintdialog_unix.cpp", line=731) at 
#9  0x00007f1bac9b7688 in QUnixPrintWidgetPrivate::_q_printerChanged 
(this=0xb33100, index=-1) at dialogs/qprintdialog_unix.cpp:731
#10 0x00007f1bac9b7ab9 in QUnixPrintWidgetPrivate::setOptionsPane 
(this=0xb33100, pane=0xb32d20) at dialogs/qprintdialog_unix.cpp:797
#11 0x00007f1bac9b8eba in QPrintDialogPrivate::init (this=0xb32d20) at 
#12 0x00007f1bac9b9222 in QPrintDialog (this=0xb30320, printer=0x7fffb71dc560, 
parent=0x6e1b90) at dialogs/qprintdialog_unix.cpp:577
#13 0x00007f1bada41d23 in KdePrint::createPrintDialog (printer=0x7fffb71dc560, 
customTabs=@0x7fffb71dc550, parent=0x6e1b90)
#14 0x00007f1ba0e3a66c in KatePrinter::print (doc=0x7467a0) at 

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