KIO experimental work report, RFC

Andreas Hartmetz ahartmetz at
Wed Nov 26 20:20:14 GMT 2008

> I'd appreciate if you wouldn't blame KMail unless you have hard evidence
> that it's really KMail's fault (as I have presented hard evidence that
> it is the fault of Google's mail servers). Please remember that this
> mailing list is read by lots of people and some people might take your
> message more seriously than it (hopefully) was.
Well, from my perspective the progress indicator was wrong and/or KMail did 
not mark the message as sent when it was according to the server. Now maybe
the server should discard messages if an SMTP session was improperly
closed (I clicked abort).
Either way that doesn't make KMail a bad mail program. I use 4.2 and I'm happy 
with it.

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