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Markus Elfring Markus.Elfring at
Mon Nov 24 21:49:43 GMT 2008

Pino Toscano schrieb:
> AspectC++ is buggy and generally far from being reliable, and generally a mess 
> to be included in the build process (all comes from direct experience).

I find your feedback interesting. Have you performed any experiments
with this tool already?

> Without taking into account that it has no releases since more than 2 years 
> and half(and the latest release is not a stable one, but a release candidate).

Can we promote further improvements for this software so that it will
become more stable?

> Forget about aspect programming in KDE, at least for now, and try to propose 
> also non-academic solutions.

I would like to move this design and software development methodology
into mainstream applications.

The use case that is described in a related article section "A Reusable
Aspect for Memory Allocation Checking" by Michael Gong, Vinod Muthusamy
and Hans-Arno Jacobsen does not look academic to me.

I see various pointcuts that will make sense to encapsulate
cross-cutting concerns.

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