Completion of error handling

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Nov 24 18:30:28 GMT 2008

On 24.11.08 18:40:22, Markus Elfring wrote:
> Esben Mose Hansen schrieb:
> > I thought that exception were not used in KDE due to some platform-specific problems.
> I guess that the support for C++ exceptions was rejected because of the fear for
> bloated object code in comparison to traditional C style checking of return
> values. I hope that improvements in compiler implementations will result in
> adjustments for this "competition" area. There were restrictions in the past.

I think apart from that reason (which shouldn't be a problem nowadays),
another is that the Qt event loop doesn't like exceptions at all. That is,
you always need to make sure you catch all exceptions before returning to
the event loop. So exceptions simply aren't that useful sometimes, because
you can't propagate them from a asynchronous network subsystem back to the
GUI layer where the user can be informed as the event loop sits between
those components.


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