[Fwd: [Bug 84101] In the KCM, "Auto-suspend if idle after" set to 0 results in aRts NOT suspending.]

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Thu Nov 20 01:09:29 GMT 2008


Note #1: please DO NOT cross post.

> Please note that I do not appreciate PT's attitude.  It is even worse
> than mine. :-D  But, that is not the issue.  His attitude is not useful
> for the KDE project.

I really, really hope you are kidding and my sense of humour is kind of tired 
today... If you are kidding, please stop reading here.

If you aren't kidding, I can just feel sad because of such a stupid statement. 
Please think twice before posting such a stupidity on _any_ mailing list (even 
more if they are 2, jesus!).

Obviously, as you should know, KDE 3 is getting its attention completely lost 
to KDE 4. That's how things should be, and that is what's happening.

And really, IMHO if this bug hasn't been fixed since 2004 I don't see any 
point on fixing it nowadays.

So please, I really beg you: don't use our list to poison, go to some desert 
and shout as much as you can, or hit your head against some random wall (poor 
wall!), or whatever, but please, make those feelings stay with you, not with 

Rafael Fernández López.
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