KDE applications need kfmclient to open links, which is not shipped with kdebase/runtime

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Wed Nov 19 14:14:36 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 19 of November 2008, Armin Berres wrote:
> Heyya!
> After reading the following Debian bug report [0] Pino Toscano and me
> discovered the following: To be able to open links most KDE applications
> rely on an installed available kfmclient executable [1]. The problem is
> now: kfmclient is shipped with Konqueror. This means: If Konqueror is
> not installed a lot of applications are not able to open links even with
> another configured browser. For KDE user this isn't such a big problem,
> but a Gnome user e.g. doesn't want to install Konqueror just to be able
> to open external links.
> The question is now: How can we solve this problem? I guess in theory
> kfmclient should be a part of kdebase/runtime and not kdebase/apps, but
> I don't know if this is feasible in pratice. I didn't check yet how
> coupled kfmclient and Konqueror are and when distributed -runtime
> and -apps are two different tarballs.

 There should be no direct dependency - kfmclient uses DC^HBUS and libraries 
to talk to or launch the browser. It still kind of depends on Konqueror as it 
e.g. reads various settings from konquerorrc, but I guess there is no way 
around it.

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