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Trever Fischer wm161 at wm161.net
Mon Nov 17 13:15:53 GMT 2008

On Monday 17 November 2008 06:22:36 am Kevin Krammer wrote:
> Well, I agree that having a KDE GUI is a bonus, however I think not having
> a "standard" Qt-style API is probably more a blocking issue than not having
> a GUI for application users on the KDE workspace.
For the 4.3 release, an idea for a kde/qt library to interface with polkit has 
been floating around amongst us.
> > * will we go out and encourage people to use PolicyKit in their apps in
> > our blogs and what not until there is a KDE GUI so we don't appear to be
> > second class citizens there?
> I have to admit that I am kind of worried to officially support a new
> service without knowing the developers' position related to the service
> upstream project, i.e. if they believe they can follow changes in timely
> manner even if the upstream pulls "a NetworkManager" [1]
Since even a service as important as hal uses PolicyKit, we're fairly certain 
we can keep up.

> I am not sure why downstream should have written this code, but who writes
> the code for the GNOME GUI?
> GNOME or upstream PolicyKit?
Gnome does. They've also got a gnome library to interface with polkit.

> > along come a couple of people who decide to take it on. we ought to
> > realize that this particular area is an important one and worth
> > incubating with care. build excitement and commitment in these people,
> > don't stonewall them until we end up with yet another bit of unmaintained
> > cruft in extragear.
> So you are afraid that these new developers will not stay around for
> maintenance? Not even long enough for development of 4.3 being opened?
In addition to PolicyKit-KDE, Daniel and I are the main hackers on 
KPackageKit, the PackageKit frontend for KDE. I myself have been hacking on 
KDE for a good while, submitting patches here and there. It wasn't until 
recently that I got my svn account. We're all not just going to up and vanish.
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