kdereview exemption for PolicyKit-KDE

Trever Fischer wm161 at wm161.net
Mon Nov 17 02:42:54 GMT 2008

> * The PolicyKit-kde devs give us a *full report* as to what works, what
> doesn't, what needs to be improved ASAFP. Given their request for an
> exemption, they should have done this right from the start. A three
> sentence request email with no context, no explanation and no description
> of the product seems pretty weak.
I wasn't sure how to best go about this proposal, so I just asked if it was 
possible, opting to give whatever more details people needed. Seemed mildly 
harmless to me at the time.

What works:
* Listing possible actions and their details that are defined in policykit.
* Asking for the password when authorization is needed.
* Changing implicit authorizations
* Resetting implicits
* Displaying the list of explicit authorizations for the current user

What doesn't work:
* The list model emits reset() after every change to policy, so expanded items 
collapse, etc
* Reverting the implicit auths to defaults doesn't update the display.

What really needs fixed:
* Crashes on exit
* The random freeze when 'modify' is clicked to save the implicits. It might 
just be my system though, as I notice it only happens when 'policykit-kde' is 
running, which isn't part of the latest polkit-kde...
* Managing explicit authorizations.
* Showing authorizations for users other than the current one.
* Display details about explicit authorizations

The last two items in the FIX NOW list can be written up in just a few hours. 
They're just not in yet for lack of time on our part.
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