kdereview exemption for PolicyKit-KDE

Trever Fischer wm161 at wm161.net
Sun Nov 16 18:20:42 GMT 2008

On Sunday 16 November 2008 08:06:44 am Sven Burmeister wrote:
> Am Sonntag, 16. November 2008 13:50:55 schrieb Tom Albers:
> > At Sunday 16 November 2008 03:28, you wrote:
> > > Hi, I'm Trever, one of the 4 or so of us working on PolicyKit-KDE. For
> > > the most part, it is as feature-complete as we planned for the 4.2
> > > release, but it is still in playground. We'd like to request an
> > > exemption to the normal kdereview period in order to get it in before
> > > the hard feature freeze. Would this be possible?
> >
> > On November 4th(!) Allen has made a Last Call for kdereview stuff,
> > because the freeze is at the 17th.
> I am by no means somebody to decide on this matter, but Toma has a point.
> I'm not sure whether the following is a pro or a con, but since the app is
> packaged and used by distros already, at least according to the package's
> name, there was already a lot of testing (pro), yet it also means that for
> distro users it does not matter that much whether it is part of KDE 4.2 or
> not (con).
> Sven
PolicyKit-KDE hasn't been packaged yet as far as I know. You might be thinking 
of PolicyKit (the actual gui-independent daemon) or PolicyKit-gnome (the gnome 
bits). There aren't any fedora packages for PolicyKit-KDE, so the only way to 
get it currently is through the source.
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