Automatic completion mode

Andrew Dorrell andrew.dorrell at
Sun Nov 16 01:21:45 GMT 2008

2008/11/16 Ingo Klöcker <kloecker at>:
> On Saturday 15 November 2008, Rafael Fernández López wrote:
>> I will describe the problem now. Imagine on a lineedit that i want
>> automatic completion (like krunner one) I write something like:
>> "" and press enter.
>> the lineedit now has saved that path. Good.
>> Now I open krunner again and write
>> "" and press enter.
>> Surprisingly for me
>> "" is opened, what is
>> wrong from my POV.
> This is really specific to URLs (or paths). If I want to start Konsole
> via krunner then I usually write "kons" and then press Enter. I like
> this behavior and it's what I (and all other users) have learned to
> expect from the automatic completion mode.

Actually its wrong from my POV also and I'm a KDE user since 2.X.
Autocompletion is bad when it anticipates what you want and doesn't
provide an obvious way of using a shorter completion without full
typing.  It is more frustrating than not having auto completion in
this case!

To me being able to type "kon<enter>" is not an issue so please don't
include me as one of "all other users".  I don't like that behaviour
personally and I'm glad this issue is being discussed.

> Neither. Use "Dropdown list" completion mode if automatic completion
> mode does not suit you. Or invent yet another completion mode. But
> changing the behavior of an existing completion mode is IMO out of
> question.

I also don't favour "out of the question" as an answer.  If there is a
good reason that makes it out of the question then fine - state it.
But "I'm used to it" is *not* a good reason IMHO.  Especially as this
is an issue of usability.

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