[KDEREVIEW] Rich text markup builders

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Fri Nov 14 01:33:17 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 05 November 2008 2:16:20 pm Stephen Kelly wrote:
> Hi,
> Some kdepim applications and libraries require cleaner html from a
> qtextdocument than provided by its toHtml method. The qt html contains a
> sea of span tags and styles. This causes hassle when adding a rich text
> signature to a message in kmail for example.
Please consider spending a little time reviewing these important classes
that Stephen wrote.  kdepim apps really need this.

Unless there are major objections, I'd like to see the Rich text markup builder
support added to kdelibs this Monday, which is 2 days less than the normal
2 week review period.  Which is cutting it razor close to the hard-freeze.


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