isolating builds within a module

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Wed Nov 12 21:33:29 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 12 November 2008, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> hi all..
> one regret i'm having with regards to putting libplasma in kdelibs is that
> now building it takes forever as cmake checks each and every lib in kdelibs
> before building.
> this hand holding wastes signficant amounts of time for those of us working

The time is not "wasted"...

> on libs with dependencies on other parts of kdelibs. i imagine the case
> must be similar for, e.g., koffice and what not
> do the build gurus have any suggestions for how to make it possible to not
> check the other lib dependencies within the same module every single time?
> or even at all unless you build from the top level directory?

Really, this is a feature and we should be happy that we have it (at least I 
am). I can remember back the times when I was working a bit konqy that from 
time to time it happened that konqy didn't build because of libkonq. So I had 
to figure out what was wrong, and manually build libkonq. Same for some libs 
Now with cmakes behaviour you can always be sure that the target you built is 
really what you want to have and not some strange mixture.

That said, as other already said, there are the <target>/fast targets.

Additionally, we could try to make libplasma also buildable separate from 
kdelibs. Not sure how much effort this would be. Some (all ?) projects in 
kdesupport do support that.
A simple rule to start with would be that you must not use CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR 
and CMAKE_BINARY_DIR then (the _CURRENT_ ones and the project specific 
Are you interested ?

> if i build from inside of kdelibs/plasma, i really don't want (nor need) to
> check the build of core, ui, kio, solid, knewstuff and kfile.

If it checks knewstuff, then you are indeed interested, it doesn't do it 
without reason.


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