isolating builds within a module

Matt Rogers mattr at
Wed Nov 12 04:15:29 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 11 November 2008 22:52:13 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> hi all..
> one regret i'm having with regards to putting libplasma in kdelibs is that
> now building it takes forever as cmake checks each and every lib in kdelibs
> before building.
> this hand holding wastes signficant amounts of time for those of us working
> on libs with dependencies on other parts of kdelibs. i imagine the case
> must be similar for, e.g., koffice and what not
> do the build gurus have any suggestions for how to make it possible to not
> check the other lib dependencies within the same module every single time?
> or even at all unless you build from the top level directory?
> if i build from inside of kdelibs/plasma, i really don't want (nor need) to
> check the build of core, ui, kio, solid, knewstuff and kfile.

make <target>/fast skips the dependency checking, where <target> is the target 
you want to build. you can get a list of targets by running 'make help'. 

Something like 'make plasma/fast' should do the trick.

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