PATCH: i18nc not working under windows

Patrick Spendrin ps_ml at
Mon Nov 10 17:18:24 GMT 2008

Hi all,

even though this patch doesn't change anything for most of you, I'd like 
to hear your thoughts about it.
The current situation is that i18nc() doesn't work on windows because it 
uses dcgettext(domain, msg, LC_MESSAGES) rather than dgettext(domain, 
msg) which is used by i18n(). The above two gettext calls are thought to 
be equivalent according to the gettext manpage. On Windows the dcgettext 
call doesn't work because LC_MESSAGES is not defined correctly.
The attached patch replaces the dcgettext calls with dgettext ones; it 
could be even used everywhere (so I could remove the ifdefs) as the 
category is not used in the kcatalog.cpp code anyway.


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